AI Consulting Services

Get your organizational life and culture driving towards the adoption and embracing of AI

AI Strategy Consulting

AI consulting services to help you pick the right areas to try, how to structure the project and who is responsible. Identifying clear objectives and what success looks requires understanding real capabilities of AI and manage expectations. A failed project will poison future AI within the organisation.

Responsible AI & Ethics Consulting Services

AI is a minefield for corporate governance. From privacy to bias and discrimination, from ownership of data to right-to-be-explained, regulatory requirement require organisation apply responsible AI. We offer advice on ensuring the maintenance of ethical standards in both data and model development.

Improve Acceptance

By explaining models in simple cause-effect terms and talking users language allows user involvement thru development that leads to greater acceptance in production.

Management Training

For an AI project to be successful it need to be a line-of-business project. This means bring operational management and subject experts up-to-speed with the fast changing world of AI. Awareness of terminologies and AI capabilities empowers operational staff to ensure successful outcomes. We carry out on-site training working around staff's day-to-day obligations.

Feature Engineering

Advice and assistance with feature selection and dimension reduction as we as data set balancing with data synthesis to counter biased data sets. Just having lots of data doesn't guaranty success. Its having the right data. You need to understand your outcome drivers before thinking of model engineering.

ML Ops Consulting Services

MLOps is a form of DevOps for Machine Learning projects. With less than 30% of AI projects make it to production, we can assist with setting a go-to-market framework that will not only see your project become operational, but will ensure a workable monitor and review regime that will allow it to continue to evolve and meet expectations.

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